Ayurveda:Art of Diagnosis April 1- 29, 2023

Submitted by Y Knot Unwind Yoga Studio on February 22, 2023@2:15:PM

Ayurveda uses observation as one of their main components for diagnosis. This 20 hour course will focus on that which we can visually see via the face, tongue and eyes.

The lines on our face, geography of the tongue and the 6 mandalas of the eyes all play a roll in diagnosing unhealth in ourselves as well as others. The doshas can change like the wind but are also found in our bodies, our times of life, the seasons and time of day. This 20 hour course will take place each Saturday starting Saturday April 1, 9:30-11:30 am for the duration of the month. There will be some home study and case studies each week. The remainder will be done in studio. Cost $375.00. Hours can be applied towards an Ayurveda designation ( 200 in total) , self interest or towards continuing education . Contact the studio to register or for further enquires.