Welcome to the member signup page. From here, you can view information on the various membership requirements and benefits. Please note that registration does not include insurance.

Refunds are not given after registration or renewals. There are no exceptions. Please be certain of your registration, why you are registering and with whom! We have no affiliation with any other Alliances nor yoga associations nor do we follow or copy the same platform or policies as those organizations. Take more time(if you're not sure) to explore who Canadian Yoga Alliance is before making your decisions. For example, read our Manifesto to learn more about our philosophical outlook or perhaps read our Vision page.

If you require insurance, you can apply from your account panel after your account is authorized(we issue your receipt and activate the account). For membership and insurance, CYA requires scanned copies (.pdf) of certificate of training and reference letter from faculty of the training school. If you are being grandfathered, please review the requirements for registration from the link below.

Click HERE FOR INFORMATION ON REGISTRATION for pricing and requirements.

When you are ready, click on the links below to register.