Mindful Yoga Teacher Dual Certification April 22

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This 10 weekend unique and comprehensive program blends the best of mindfulness and yoga practices so that you can teach safely and with confidence. Our teachers have a long history of teaching yoga and meditation in a variety of settings.
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This course is specifically designed for those who have a strong interest in sharing mindfulness and yoga practice, including mindfulness facilitators, school teachers, or health care providers, giving you the tools to empower yourself and your participants.
The course merges the two wisdom streams of Hatha Yoga and
Mindfulness. As a Mindfulness Everyday Yoga Teacher graduate, you leave our 200+ hour training with the skills you need to lead safe, encouraging and contemplative Mindful Yoga classes as well as facilitating Mindfulness groups in community, educational and
professional settings. Explore and deepen your knowledge of Yoga philosophy and history, anatomy and physiology, yoga ethics/lifestyle, teaching methodology, mindfulness meditation, and breath work through hands-on instruction, independent study, and assignments. You will learn how to safely and confidently offer modifications, posture options, clarification of contraindications, and create a complete series of classes with progressive levels of difficulty.
SMART (Stress Management and Resiliency Techniques) curriculum trains participants to better manage work-related and personal stress, in order to cultivate emotional balance, compassion, and enhanced relationship to self and others, as well as incorporate mindfulness into yoga instruction.
The course will provide information on the Business of Yoga and
will address how to earn a supplemental income teaching in studios, community centres and private students by understanding the ethical professional obligations, tax benefits and implications.
Natalia Fister
natalia.fister@mindfulnesseveryday.org or call (416) 402-4963

Location: Online or
The Latvian Centre
4 Credit Union Dr., North
York, ON M4A2N8
Date and Times
Saturdays 8:30 am—5 pm
Sundays 9 am—5 pm
April 22-23, May 13-14, June 10-11, 2023
(No classes for July and August)
September 16-17, October 14-15,
November 4-5, December 2-3, 2023
January 27-28, February 24-25,
March 23-24, 2024
10 Weekend Training:
February 2023 – January 2024
Fee: $950 deposit
to secure your spot,
includes $250 materials fee
4 payments of $700 per month allowing you
to “pay as you learn".
total: $3,750 (Receiptis TaxDeductible)
Proficiency in yoga or mindfulness
is not a pre-requisite.
We will differentiate instruction to meet
the needs of all levels of students.
This comprehensive program blends the
best of mindfulness and yoga practices
so that you can teach safely and with
confidence. Our teachers have a long
history of teaching yoga and meditation
in a variety of settings.
I am now confident that I have a solid
foundation of mindfulness, the Asanas,
breath work, and guided meditations with
plenty of resources to find answers for
questions as they arise and continued
learning. I am ready to begin my teaching
and learning journey.
~Helen Dea (MYTT graduate 2019)
Materials Required:
• yoga mat / blanket / bolster / 2
yoga blocks / 1 yoga strap – 8ft /
coloured pencils
Materials Supplied:
• Comprehensive Yoga / Mindfulness
Binder, Handouts, Journal

Who Should Attend:

The course will deliver participants who have specific personal and
professional needs with the structure and modifications required to
deliver both Mindful Yoga and Mindfulness classes.
For example:
For mindfulness facilitators, we will provide movement flows that
compliment the themes of Mindfulness-based interventions (MBSR,
MBCT, SMART), providing you with the training and information required to guide mindful movement/yoga practices safely and authentically.
For high school teachers we will help you write a proposal to present to your principal, a course outline, rubrics, and a student course pack to have this course offered as a grade 11 and/or 12 inter-disciplinary credit.

130 hrs
In-class yoga component:
Supervised practice teaching
sessions with constructive
20 hrs SMART Program in-class
50 hrs
Yoga Self-Study/Homework:
includesreading texts,
journal assignments,
external classes —
including DVD’s, external
and online classes, etc.
20 hrs Smart Program home
10hrs An independent study /
research project:
pertaining to your own
specialized area
of interest co-developed
with the staff