Ayurveda 100/200 Hour Therapy Course

Submitted by Y Knot Unwind Yoga Studio on June 27, 2022@12:04:PM

This unique and comprehensive course will introduce the concepts of Ayurveda . Students will graduate with certification as an Ayurveda Therapist ( 200 hours) and ayurveda designation under the CYA. Options offered are also completing 100 hours in Ontario and 100 hours at our partner school in Rishekesh , India October 2023 or 100 hours for Ayurveda Massage.

This extensive practical course will cover 100 hours of teaching components with the added option of an additional 100 hours in Rishekesh ,India. Ayurveda is the flip side of the yoga coin. Ayurveda Therapies play significant roles in alternative healing . Ayurveda modalities are starting to become high demand body therapies with job opportunities in the healing industry as well as at home and health spas across the globe. It is an invaluable tool for yoga teachers as additional educational hours as well as for self growth and self health . This program will be in class as well as online. Course begins in January 2023 . Contact The studio for a detailed syllabus. Those with a background in massage , Ayurveda and healing arts may qualify for the part 2 of this course.