200 Hour Yoga Self Development + Teacher Training

Submitted by Shell Andréa Yoga + Kirtan on June 13, 2022@9:03:AM

This 200 hour Hatha Yoga program in Winnipeg Manitoba from January to June 2023 is an opportunity for aspiring Yogis to gain all the tools they need to have a lifelong Yoga practice. Shell's delivery has a large focus on Yogic Philosophy and the cultural history of Yoga. Students can opt to become certified Yoga teachers or take the program only to deepen their own practice. Offered with a mixture of in-person and virtual teachings.

Beginners welcome!

Students will complete the program with knowledge and practice of:

Yogic ways of living for a healthy mind and body

How energy works and moves through us

The art and science of breathing

Comprehensive understanding of different Yogic philosophies and key scriptures

Mind management techniques such as concentration, meditation and mantra

Yoga’s cultural history, roots, basic Sanskrit terms and how to avoid cultural misappropriation

Accessible Asana (postures) their history, including many modifications, safety precautions and functional anatomy and physiology

See www.shellandreayoga.com/teachertraining for more details, and don't miss the early bird discount to September 30, 2022!