Naomi King (CYA-RYT 500 Member)

  • Location: Demorestville, Ontario Canada
  • Website: N/A
  • E-mail: Private
  • Service Offered: Vinyasa
  • Certified: Yoga Space, The Dharana Method, Yoga Collective
  • Years of Practice: >20
  • Teaching Experience: 1
  • Professor, Guru or Teachers: Kathryn Beet, Hali Schwartz
  • Date Joined: January 24, 2020
  • CYA Insurance: No

About Me

I live in Prince Edward County and am a certified Holistic Nutritionist as well as yoga instructor. I am interested in working with people with different abilities, and eating disorders/body issues.

About My Service

Power Vinyasa Flow classes, offering private and group classes.

Continued Education