Robyn Monk (CYA-YT Member)

  • Location: Squamish, British Columbia Canada
  • Website:
  • E-mail: Private
  • Service Offered: Therapeutic yoga, Yoga Therapy, functional movement and mobility, Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Yin, Restorative, self-myofascial release
  • Certified: Semperviva Yoga College, Foundations of Yoga Therapy - Vancouver School of Yoga, Langara College
  • Years of Practice: 20
  • Teaching Experience: 6
  • Professor, Guru or Teachers: Chelsea Lee, Susi Hately, Catherine Munro, Rachel Scott, Kristin Campbell, Natalie Rousseau, Allison Ulan, Nicole Marcia, Tianne Allen, and Maggie Reagh among others.
  • Date Joined: May 30, 2018
  • CYA Insurance: No

About Me

I am passionate about yoga, nature, kayaking, cycling, music, travel and wellness. I am a mother of two and always looking for ways to continue learning, exploring and finding balance in life.

About My Service

I offer customized private therapeutic and yoga therapy sessions, group classes and yoga for pain management.

Continued Education