Allyson Beynon (CYA-IR Member)

  • Location: Saltcoats, Saskatchewan Canada
  • Website: N/A
  • E-mail: Private
  • Service Offered: Hatha
  • Certified: Namaskar Yoga ( Advanced Asana Training, 18 hrs. yoga for kids), Kathleen's Yoga Studio, ( 20hrs. Prenatal) Kid
  • Years of Practice: 5
  • Teaching Experience: 3
  • Professor, Guru or Teachers: Kathleen Podiluk, Namaskar Yoga Studio, Saskatoon, SK
  • Date Joined: February 04, 2016
  • CYA Insurance: No

About Me

I have worked in the Health Care field since 2010 in Long Term Care and as an Aide in the local Hospital. This life is busy, stressful and taxing on my body as well as my emotions. I am seeking more balance in life and to deepen and re-connect with myself, body-mind-soul while helping others discover a reconnect with themselves by being more present and listening to their bodies.
I have two girls who both enjoy practicing (emulating) and would like to be more present for them as well.
I look forward to completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training modules by 2017.

About My Service

I am offering a beginner yoga program with separate classes for Teens to Adults, a gentle senior yoga class as well as a children's yoga class and hope to integrate a parents/tots group.

Continued Education