Joanne Cooper (CYA-RYT 250 Member)

  • Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada
  • Website: Facebook page 'Vedic Healing Kitchen'
  • E-mail:
  • Service Offered: Hatha, Ayurveda Consultation, Ayurvedic Chef, Marma & Turiya therapy
  • Certified: Island Yoga Vista; Prof. Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Apprentice
  • Years of Practice: 10
  • Teaching Experience: 6
  • Professor, Guru or Teachers: Dr. Jaisri M. Lambert (Ayur), Vancouver Canada; Vaidya RK Mishra; India and California, Laura Plumb; San Diego, CA, Dr. A.R. Ramdas, B.A.M.S. Vaidyagrama Ayurveda, Tamilnadu, India Dr. Asghar, B.A.M.S. Greens Ayurveda, Kerala, India; Sandra Sagarmurti Shotton, Nanaimo BC. Myra Lewin, HalePule Ayurveda, Kaua'i, HI;
  • Date Joined: August 09, 2015
  • CYA Insurance: HUB International

About Me

Ayurveda Turiya Therapy certificate 2021 (60 hr), Jaisri M. Lambert

Marma Certificate 2021 (45 hr), SVAyurveda

Holistic Culinary Certificate 2021 (30 hr), Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Ayurveda Integrative Nutrition Training 2019 (125 hr), Laura Plumb; Vedawise

Healing Light Yoga Teacher training 2018 (350 hr), New World Ayurveda

Nadi Pariksha, Pulse Reading 2017 (60 hr), Jaisri Lambert; Ayurveda Seminars

Ayurvedic Chef certification 2016 (100 hr), HalePule, Kaua'i

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant certificate 2015 (750 hr), Greens Ayurveda, Kerala, India.

Professional Yoga Therapy Apprentice 2014 (PAYTA), (250 hr), Island Yoga Vista, Nanaimo BC, included registered Yoga Teacher training

Acupressure and Marma balancing training 2012, 2018-19

I love to cook, enjoying fresh, local, organic and seasonal food, appreciating the benefits of an ayurvedic, vegetarian diet and lifestyle.

Professional member of the Ayurveda Association of Canada.

About My Service

Ayurveda nutritional and lifestyle counselling, Yoga practices to help support healthy radiance, recovery from illness and to expand personal potential.

Ayurvedic Cooking classes in the mid-Vancouver Island region. Introducing fundamental concepts as well as hands-on cooking theory and recipes, sharing these ancient healing principles for deeper nourishment and connection with our own bodies, seasonal rhythms and vitality.

Hands-on therapeutic massage using the energetic practices of Marma and Turiya Therapy to open and clear energy pathways, increase the flow of prana and enhance our sense of ease and vitality.

Offering yoga classes that weave introductory concepts of Ayurveda into a beginner/intermediate setting, using seasonally appropriate and body-type specific topics.

Continued Education