Bonnie Rollins (CYA-RYT Gold Member)

  • Location: Union, Missouri United States
  • Website: N/A
  • E-mail:
  • Service Offered: Hatha, Vinyasa
  • Certified: White Lotus Foundation, NETA, FitOur, ASFA, International Federation of Yoga (1000 hrs), International Yoga Association
  • Years of Practice: 31
  • Teaching Experience: 1035
  • Professor, Guru or Teachers: Shiva Rhea, Yogi, Andrew Weil, MD, Tracy Rich, Rodney Yee, Dr James Gordon, MD, June Blank, MS- E-RYT, Sean Corn, Sarah Powers
  • Date Joined: May 17, 2014
  • CYA Insurance: No

About Me

I was a college professor and the passion I had for teaching is with me every day. I find I live the yogi life and even had as a child, always giving from the heart, seeing the good in every situation, helping others and I found happiness in the simplest things. I found such a connection of the philosophy of yoga already in my life and with my beliefs. I knew I was were I belonged in life.

About My Service

I am teaching & have been for over 30 years Hatha and Vinyasa flow or a combination style, plus meditation. In addition, at times I have conducted workshops on the practice, benefits, etc of yoga. I have been a director of a facility in IN and owned a business in Miami. I offered and continue to do complimentary classes of Yoga for Addiction which has proven to be extremely successful for the individuals in their physical, mental & emotional health & recovery. The meditation allowed(s) them to focus more on their recovery & self-esteem, finding who they are. I am certified to teach those needing to stay in chairs/wheel chairs.

I myself became a TBI survivor in 2002 & am disabled from being able to teach as an asst professor as I did, but still able to continue my love of teaching yoga to students and teaching those that are pursuing to be instructors. My goal is to travel to work with TBI survivors as myself, including even vets. I plan to travel to do workshops for TBI disabled survivors and develop a program for this (throughout the states and in Canada.) I have conducted many successful workshops and having a background as a professor I have the love for teaching, and with the passion for yoga my desire is to share with many-- spreading the gift of yoga and meditation. One of the best gifts one can give oneself!!!

I am a true believer in the need to teach some yoga to students in school for research has shown the benefits have proven successful in calming the students that have had this opportunity and also making them more alert after their practice. This would be especially helpful for students with ADHD.

I have already started teaching yoga to the local athletes, concentrating mainly on the high school and college sports participants.

Continued Education