Leanne Wierzbicki (CYA-E-RYT GOLD Member)

  • Location: Shuniah, Ontario Canada
  • Website: www.BreatheLiveBelieve.ca
  • E-mail: leannewierzbicki@gmail.com
  • Service Offered: Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, YFFR (Yoga For First Responders), Holistic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Holistic Health Coaching
  • Certified: Atlas Yoga Studios, Yoga For First Responders, Himalayan Institute
  • Years of Practice: >20
  • Teaching Experience: 14
  • Professor, Guru or Teachers: Denise Davis-Gains (Atlas Yoga Studios), Prashant Jani (Vedic Cultural Centre, Thunder Bay), Olivia Kvitne(Yoga for First Responders/YFFR), Jeff Masters (The Masters Institute, YFFR), Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ishan Tigunait, Judy Moulton, Sandra Anderson, Carrie Demers, MD, Theresa Oswald, MD, Shiva Tigunait, PhD, Bill Ryan, PhD (Himalayan Institute)
  • Date Joined: February 24, 2014
  • CYA Insurance: HUB International

About Me

I am an intuitive Hatha and Trauma Sensitive Yoga teacher trained in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, and author.

A mother, a wife, a lover of Spirit and nature, a mini homesteader, home herbalist, and honoured to be of service.

About My Service

Breathe Live Believe is unique in its commitment to Green Yoga and its desire to create community that unites as One.

I offer Hatha style, trauma sensitive, and Restorative (therapeutic) private, semi-private and corporate Yoga, Yoga for First Responders, Holistic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching services, Plant Based Whole Foods Classes, Workshops, and Retreats.

I practice Green Yoga, a practice that translates the 5000 year old moral teachings of Yoga into living a sustainable and green lifestyle, one in which we not only learn to purify and transform the body, mind and spirit, but one where we take those teachings off the mat and into the environment.

Experience High Vibration Living! There IS something more within waiting for you to wake up to, to REmember. Breathe. Live. Believe. Committed to holistic and eco-conscious living, on and off the mat, inside and out.

Continued Education