Continued Education

6hr - Thai 4 Yoga Supine Sitting

August 27, 2015@4:55:PM

SA6VIL: Thai 4 Yoga - Supine Sitting
Instructor(s): Deanna Villa

THIS CLASS IS A GAME CHANGER!!! Be part of this evolution. This dynamic, therapeutic, hands on class expands your teaching practice into a therapeutic one. Experience Thai yoga massage in union with Yoga. These profound, new skills will immediately, positively impact your students. Learn how to apply hands on healing in a group or private setting with confidence and competence with our choreographed series. Ancient Thai Yoga postures, stances, compassionate, compression techniques will be covered in passionate detail. This multidimensional class is a must for all yoga, pilates and somatic training instructors! Deanna's expert and successful teaching style is supported by a written and photo manual. Bring a bolster-strap-blanket.