Continued Education

2hr - Plank You Very Much - An Exploration of Core

August 27, 2015@4:53:PM

SA2MIL: Plank You Very Much- An Exploration of Core Stability
Instructor(s): Jill Miller

The "Plank" is heralded as the most stabilizing core exercise available. It requires no equipment, but is often practiced poorly when your body is missing its own "equipment" of coordination and strength. The Plank is a great equalizer as it is found across all genre of exercise from yoga-pilates, CrossFit to athletic training and more. This workshop disassembles the classic plank joint-by-joint and prepares you to master this whole body expression of stability. You'll learn to regress this shape for children, seniors, or students in chronic pain. You will also progress it for athletes, dancers and explore novelties for your instagram account ?. Please Bring: Yoga Mat, Block, Strap