Shine Om Inc. (CYA-RYS 500 Member)

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 705.726.5974
  • Address: 119 Dunlop St E
  • Location: Barrie, Ontario Canada
  • Website:
  • Service Offered: Vinyasa ( *online programs)
  • Type of Certification Granted: 200
  • Years in Operation: 7
  • Date Joined: January 20, 2011

School Info

Shine OM!
Yoga Teacher Training with Ann Green

Awakening to the radiance within and living in congruence to this ecological abundance with luminosity to lead life as a catalyst of happiness connecting communities as a conduit to love: a shine on ambassador!

Serving Happiness In Neighbourhoods Everywhere Omniscient ‘n Love and Yoga!

Course Outline

Cultivate, Grow, Blossom...
Shine on! Yoga Teacher Training with Ann Green and Friends

Manual, Workbook, Journal, Flashcards, Digital Experience, LOVE!

Intro: Force of Nature: Harvesting a Yogic Awareness

Shine On Ambassador: A Manifesto for Luminous Yoga Today

Personal Manifesto: Leadership, Goal Setting, Abundance, Laws of BLISS (in the Ann Green vibe - Metta leadership)

Contract to Self

Contract to Service: The Shine ON Spirit

Asana: Bearasana, Sun A, Sun B, Sun See (Juicy Moon), Rise N Shine (Press N Pull), Sparkle (Athletic), Shine on Foundations, Connected to the Core, Rays of Shining, Glitter & Glow,

Cultivating Connection: deep knowledge - foundational movement patterns, anatomy & alignment - vertical suspension (tensegrity), physiology, mechanics

Growing Groundation: teaching “fun”damentals, structural alignment and integration, subtle energies, meridian, principles of physiology, doshas, koshas, somatic understanding, yoga therapy

Blossoming Philosophy: yamas and niyamas, bhaggavad gitta, the eight limb path, suttras, meditation: prana, pranyama, chanting 3 basic: 2 traditional (kulnarva tantra and mahamittryor mantra), one modern (this little light of mine)

Shining Sequencing: foundations to shine on, assisting, vinyasa krama and patterns of play, rays of shining, glitter and glow yoga for restoration

Manifesting Equanimity: Yoga for All (therapeutics, athletic, lava), Connections to Community, Leadership as a Shine On Ambassador, Adaptations and Applications of Yoga for Today, Wholistic Nutrition Primer, Business of Yoga, Marketing, Connecting to the force: Groove it up!, Opening to the Source: Love


Foundations of flow: Shine On Foundations, Connected to the Core, Rays of Shining

Anatomy & Alignment: Vertical Suspension

Assignment questions: 4 - 3 of the philosophical and 1 anatomical



Meditation & Mentorship Memoir


Flashcards: Summarized Foundational Shine On Yoga and Rays of Shining Pose

Understanding asana

Somatics of asana

Cueing of asana & assistance in asana (teaching methodologies summarized by sequence)

Moderation & modifications

Sequencing suggestions & seasonal influence: bonus

Digital Experience

Learning with aid of digital programming to support asana and
sequencing through DVD and PDF

1. Anatomy & Physiology: 20 hours with 10 contact hours
2. Study of Asanas: 70 - 140 hours with 35 to 70 contact hours
3. Study of Pranayama: 70 - 140 hours with 35 to 70 contact hours
4. Study of Energy Systems: 10 hours with 5 contact hours
5. Study of Energy Bodies: 10 hours with 5 contact hours
6. Yoga Philosophy: 35 to 70 hours with 15 contact hours
7. Teaching Methodology: 40 hours with 20 contact hours
8. Other: Wholistic Nutrition Primer, Business, Insurance, Marketing, Adaptations & Applications of Yoga for Today: 40 hours

Hours As Summarized by International Standards:
Techniques (total 130 hours with 65 contact hours)(140/70)(
Training in the techniques & practice of: Asanas, pranayamas, pratihara, dharana, samadhi, exercises or yoga vyayamas, mantras chanting, and meditation.
Teaching Methodology (total 50 hours with 10 contact hours)(40/20)(Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, leadership & connecting in community, and the student's process of learning.
Anatomy and Physiology (total 10 hours with 5 contact hours)(25/10)(Physical Anatomy and Physiology and subtle Anatomy and Physiology.
Practical Teaching (total 40 hours with 20 contact hours)(60/30)(Student teaching as well as observing and assisting in classes taught by others. Hours may be a combination of supervised and unsupervised.