Centre For Mindfulness Canada Continuing Education (CYA-RYS-CE Member)

  • E-mail: info@drkasimalmashat.com
  • Phone: 6047710579
  • Address: 107-3711 Delbrook Ave.
  • Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
  • Website: www.drkasimalmashat.com
  • Service Offered: Laughter Yoga, and Hatha Yoga
  • Type of Certification Granted: Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: November 22, 2020

School Info

The Centre For Mindfulness Canada offer mindfulness, wellness and laughter programs. The Centre was founded by Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat, a Registered Psychologist in private practice offering counselling services. Kasim's Centre is an affiliate of Dr. Kataria’s School Of Laughter Yoga. Kasim is authorized to teach the Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) Training as taught by Dr. Kataria.

Course Outline

The CLYL training occurs over a weekend for a total of 16 hours. The Training will involve:

1. Anatomy & Physiology

This will also include looking into the health benefits of laughter yoga and its impact on physiology (1 hours)

2. Study of Asanas

We will cover basics of a Laughter Session, including components and principles. The bulk of the training will be focused on experiencing and leading Laughter Yoga exercises (6 hours)

3. Study of Pranayama

Laughter yoga breathing exercises as well as traditional prayanma (3 hours)

4. Study of Energy Bodies

Exploration of research on psychoneuroimmunology and intersection of laughter and medicine (1 hour)

5. Yoga Philosophy

The Concept and Philosophy of Laughter Yoga, its mission, and intersection with traditional Hatha Yoga (1 hour)

6. Teaching Methodology

The training will be via Zoom and will include didactic methods (lectures), groups work, writing, reflection, working in pairs, and practice teaching.

7. Other

Other components of the Training will involve:

a. Yoga modifications for special populations, contradictions, and adaptations (1 hour)
b. Logistics of running a Laughter Yoga club (1).
c. How to lead a Laughter Yoga session effectively- Systems and Procedures (1 hour)
d. Bringing joy and happiness into life (1 hour).