The Dharana Method Meditation Continuing Education (CYA-RYS-CE Member)

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  • Phone: 801-856-1475
  • Address: 422 Quince St.
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah United States
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  • Service Offered: Mindfulness Meditation
  • Type of Certification Granted: Meditation Courses
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: January 18, 2019

School Info

Science-minded, heart-centered meditation instruction for navigating everyday life in peace.

To develop our Meditation Teacher Training, we have interviewed studios, organizations and academic institutions to find out what they're looking for when hiring a meditation teacher. We have a diverse Advisory Board, with each mentor bringing their unique expertise to our curriculum. We have also researched the specific mindfulness skills that would benefit helping professionals who are hoping to add meditation to their toolbox.

Our convenient, affordable course provides you with expertise in the top fields of meditation, including neuroplasticity, mindfulness-based stress reduction, Buddhist meditation and Vedic meditation. We have designed the course to be accessible and interesting to both experienced and amateur meditators. We hope you find it not only prepares you to teach, but also sparks personal transformation and evolution.

Course Outline

First 100 hours:

Twelve 60-minute virtual classes | 84 hours of home study | Start to teach peer and community classes
1. Establish or deepen one's personal meditation practice
2. History and benefits of meditation
3. Intro to sound and mantra meditation
4. Meditation vs Mindfulness
5. Exploring the beliefs that run our minds, and how we can rewire our brain
6. Establish a personal yoga/movement & Ayurvedic routine
7. Chakras and Doshas
8. How to instruct The Dharana Method® of meditation, which blends Buddhist, Vedic and science-based philosophy
9. How to work with private clients
10. The business or meditation

Second 100 Hours:
Six 2-hour virtual classes | *Meditation retreat that is 3 days or longer (outside of this course) | *1 one-on-one virtual mentoring session with the faculty/mentor with whom you resonate most | *Receive support organizing a meditation series in a business, school or community organization of your choice
1. Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
2. Psychology & meditation, including neuroplasticity
3. Buddhist meditation
4. The science of mantra, plus Vedic meditation
5. Kundalini meditation
6. Diving deeper into Ayurveda, plus Vedic Astrology