Rainbow Yoga Training (CYA–RYS Gold Member)

  • E-mail: info@rainbowyogatraining.com
  • Phone: N/A
  • Address: N/A
  • Location: Mullumbimby, New South Wales Australia
  • Website: www.rainbowyogatraining.com
  • Service Offered: Family Yoga, On-Line Kids Training *online
  • Type of Certification Granted: 200, 300 & 500 hr YTT, RYCT, YTT CE
  • Years in Operation: 10
  • Date Joined: April 06, 2016

School Info

Rainbow Yoga is a fun and constantly-evolving, family-managed, and love-inspired business, run by Gopala and Angel Yaffa.

Gopala is a prominent author, regularly publishing honest, insightful and inspiring articles in numerous yoga magazines.
Check out some of his work here!

Rainbow Yoga was lovingly born in 2007, with the intention of giving people the tools to teach fun, engaging, and creative yoga classes for children, families, partners and communities.

Our yoga is interactive and social, it is all about connections; we touch, we hug, we move together and we co-create the class in a magical way that creates a playful space for everybody to want more ...

Rainbow Yoga offers a variety of unique teacher training courses all over the world. Our teacher training courses offer a well-rounded, in-depth learning experience through a combination of play, practical theory and tons of fun!

Rainbow Yoga is about connecting people. Our unique style of yoga is Community Yoga - It is a social and interactive yoga where we weave people together by making shapes with our body and coming closer together through movement and breath.

We will also attempt to open your mind and heart, and to empower you to become part of this constant evolution of yoga - we are the present of yoga, but you are the future!

Course Outline

Our courses are renowned for being captivating, energizing, loving, dynamic, intense and life changing. They are condensed with a life time of knowledge and hands on experience from Gopala, Angel and the awesome Rainbow Yoga team, who are known for their love of yoga and their passion for supporting communities, families and children.

You will be left with a smile on your face, a wealth of knowledge and an ignited spirit to spread the love and joy of Yoga, helping in making the world a better place, one person at a time.

We GIVE OUR ALL in every training session, not a moment to waste, every second of our training is packed full with everything you will need to teach the most fun, social and interactive yoga classes in the universe!

In this training, we will teach you how to apply this amazing practice to all the different parts of our social structures:

- Mothers and babies
- Children and families
- Couples and bigger social groups
- The elderly and those with additional needs

In a competitive world, where there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of yoga teachers in every city, we want to offer you the best start. We believe that to be a successful yoga teacher you need to have passion and knowledge, but also a specialization.

After successful completion of our 200/300hr teacher training requirements, you will be certified to teach all of the following:
- Fertility Yoga
- Prenatal Yoga
- Postnatal Yoga
- Baby Yoga
- Yoga for Kids
- Yoga for Teens
- Yoga in the Classroom
- Family Yoga (Intergenerational yoga for children, parent and even grandparents to do together)
- Community Yoga (Interactive fun and engaging yoga done as a group practice)
- Partner Yoga and Tantra
- Wise Women Yoga (Nurturing and honoring the natural cycles of a woman's body)
- Yoga Therapy
- Senior Yoga