At-Home and Live-In Program (CYA-RYS 200 Member)

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 1-888-571-1172
  • Address: Box 271
  • Location: Cobble Hill, British Columbia Canada
  • Website:
  • Service Offered: Classical Hatha
  • Type of Certification Granted: 200 hr. Classic Hatha Yoga
  • Years in Operation: 2
  • Date Joined: May 01, 2014

School Info

The program is designed for individuals who lead busy lives and find it difficult to attend one-month intensives. This program will allow the student to work-on-their-own completing the theoretical study at home. The modular training is independent of the two-week live-in intensive yet the Live-In portion may be completed first.
This is a 'work on your own' study program and two-week live-in intensive.

The program certifies the student as a CYA-RYT200. Included in the certification is the first year insurance coverage of 1 Million Liability from Hub International ( CYA pays for your first year!)

*The Live-In component accepts 6 students per session.*

Course Outline

The CYA-YTT on-line study contains six on-line learning modules exclusively written by the YTT faculty (excluding the Anatomy & Physiology 101 module). Module One is a prerequisite for Module Two. Module Two is a prerequisite for Module Three and so on until all modules are complete. The on-line format includes regular interaction with the faculty and other students enrolled.

The two-week live-in intensive will occur on three sets of dates each year and may be completed before the Modular learning. The YTT accepts six registrants only for each live-in component to ensure that each student receive personal guidance and attention.

Our faculty are CYA registered yoga teachers from across the country. Each live-in session consists of a main or primary faculty teamed up with an assistant teacher from previous training sessions. We feel that the experience of CYA graduates working along side a seasoned teacher is a beneficial experience for newly graduated teachers. Keep your eye on the 'Job Postings' site for future teacher training assistant positions.

Live-In Dates:

British Columbia Location (WHISTLER) - May 10- 23 - Closed ($3500)
Ontario Location (BLUE MOUNTAINS) - June 14 - 27 - Closed ($2900)
August Location (BLUE MOUNTAINS) - August 9-22 - a few spots left; deadline to join June 09 ($2900)

If students are flying in from another province, we will provide them (should it be required) with transport from the airport to the live-in location.

The at home study portion consists of a series of interactive learning modules. Faculty for this category of training will be actively involved with students learning.

Home-Study categories include:

Definition of Yoga
Esoteric Anatomy
Raja Yoga Sutra
Origin of Yoga
God-Goddess Mythology
Anatomy and Physiology

Live-In Category includes:

The live-in intensive consists of full contact with three or more faculty in the area of Asana Practicum, Pranayama Study, Kriya Study, Meditation, Teaching Methodology, Ethics & the Yoga Lifestyle and How to Open a Business. All hand-outs are given before the program commences and all books are provided for the student during the program. We advise that student bring their own yoga mats for hygiene purposes;however, mats will be provided.

We invite and welcome all who have interest in upgrading their existing training as well as those who may just be interested in attending the two-week live-in to learn about yoga and perhaps pursue a YTT certificate at a later date.


Wendy Doherty (Class of 2014)
Tara Green (Class of 2014)
Jackie Gronfors (Class of 2014)
Susan Hogarth (Class of 2014)
Heidi Horvath (Class of 2002)
Heather Inwood-Montrose (Class of 2014)
Megan Johnson (Class of 2015)
Susan Passero (Class of 2001)
Deborah Ramsay (Class of 2014)
Marsha Roscoe (Class of 2014)
Amy Stipdonk (Class of 2015)
Ivy Strom (Class of 2014)
Tasha Tilberg (Class of 2015)