Hong Kong Yoga Association (CYA–RYS Gold Member)

  • E-mail: info@hkyogaassn.com
  • Phone: (852) 21382999
  • Address: G/F-3/F Pacific Mansion /172-174 Nathan Rd.
  • Location: Kowloon, Other China
  • Website: www.hkyogaassn.com
  • Service Offered: 200 - 500 Hour Teacher Training
  • Type of Certification Granted: 200hr & 500hr Instructor
  • Years in Operation: 22 years
  • Date Joined: March 18, 2008

School Info

HK Yoga Association is a non-profit making society. Its mission is to promote and training yoga teachers in HK. Through the Association, our Chairman Dickson has organized many yoga classes & workshops, trained & certified over 300 instructors and has participated in many large scale demonstrations in HK. Our school is also frequently interviewed by the media on yoga knowledge and trends.

Course Outline

Level 1 - 200 hrs:
Anatomy & Physiology = 15 hrs
Aansa & Pranayama = 100 hrs
Energy Systems&Bodies = 15 hrs
Yoga Philosophy = 20 hrs
Teaching methodology = 25
Practice = 25 hrs

Level 2 Advanced - 500 hrs:
Anatomy & Physiology =15 hrs
Asana & Pranayma = 130 hrs
Energy Systems&Bodies = 10 hrs
Yoga Philosophy = 25 hrs
Teaching Methodology = 45 hrs
Practice = 70 hours
Exam = 5 hours


Siu Yung Acky Au (Class of 2004)
Srihaputh Chadapron (Class of 2006)
Po Lan Edith Chan (Class of 2012)
Kam Fong Ruby Chan (Class of 2005)
Linda Chan (Class of 2009)
Lai Ngar Serina Chan (Class of 2004)
Ling Yan Chan (Class of 2012)
Suet Yi Ivy Chan (Class of 2004)
Mei Lin Tani Chan (Class of 2005)
Chui Wu Maggie Chan (Class of 2009)
Yin Ping Ada Chan (Class of 2006)
Mei Wah Isabella Chan (Class of 2005)
Suk Shan Kitty Chan (Class of 2010)
Yim Wai Brian Chan (Class of 2006)
Sai Man Chan (Class of 2005)
Woon Ting Naomi Chan (Class of 2013)
Choi Yuk Migo Chan (Class of 2004)
Nga Pan Chan (Class of 2005)
Yi Kei Vicky Chan (Class of 2005)
Wan Yee Susanna Chan (Class of 2006)
Ka In Joyce Chan (Class of 2011)
Kwong Ip Chan (Class of 2005)
Josephine Chan (Class of 2011)
Yi Ting Chau (Class of 2009)
Ling Pui Polly Chau (Class of 2008)
Siu Ying May Cheng (Class of 2005)
Man Lung Cheng (Class of 2007)
Man Lung Cheng (Class of 2007)
Siu Wai Cheng (Class of 2011)
Yuk Fung Cheng (Class of 2011)
Yam Lan Rosanna Cheng (Class of 2005)
Joanne Cheng (Class of 2008)
Sau Mui Patricia Cheng (Class of 2006)
Wai Chung Cheng (Class of 2005)
Sau Chu Cheng (Class of 2004)
Janet Cheng (Class of 2010)
Flora Cheung (Class of 2006)
Chui King Cheung (Class of 2006)
Ka Yi Joan Cheung (Class of 2010)
Kwai Ching Cheung (Class of 2013)
Fuk Heung Cheung (Class of 2006)
Mei Bo Cheung (Class of 2004)
Yuen Ha Dinny Cheung (Class of 2005)
Chui Ping Heather Cheung (Class of 2004)
Man Kin Ann Cheung (Class of 2009)
Shelphay Faye Cheung (Class of 2010)
Ching Kit Ben Cheung (Class of 2005)
Ka Fung Stephenie Cheung (Class of 2006)
Yuk Mui Helen Cheung (Class of 2009)
Wai On Chik (Class of 2007)
Pui Tung Chiu (Class of 2006)
Wan Chi Chiu (Class of 2011)
Ying Mui Marisa Choi (Class of 2007)
Pui Ki Chong (Class of 2005)
Chung Yin Edward Chow (Class of 2006)
Chau Ping Jacqueline Chow (Class of 2005)
Pik Yee Pecky Chow (Class of 2005)
Sheung Mei Chu (Class of 2009)
Sau King Chun (Class of 2009)
Ha Maggie Chun (Class of 2007)
Sau Yee Sally Chung (Class of 2004)
Sau Wan Sherva Chung (Class of 2007)
Yau Fung Maggie Chung (Class of 2004)
Oi Fan Belle Chung (Class of 2005)
Lin Sze Kim Chung (Class of 2004)
Lin Xiang Linda Deng (Class of 2005)
Xiu Mei Duan (Class of 2008)
Hok Leung Felix Fung (Class of 2005)
Kwok Kee Ben Fung (Class of 2011)
Wen Ping Gigi Guo (Class of 2012)
Tina Hanke (Class of 2011)
Ka Kui Hau (Class of 2005)
Yu Juan Nicole He (Class of 2012)
Carmen Hellmann (Class of 2008)
Wing Yee River Ho (Class of 2009)
Cheong On Ho (Class of 2008)
Ka Ki Ho (Class of 2009)
Pui Shan Judy Ho (Class of 1997)
Ching Sze Nicole Ho (Class of 2012)
Kin Chung Ho (Class of 2013)
Sally Anne Holmes (Class of 2012)
Lok Hui (Class of 2009)
Wai Lin Hui (Class of 2011)
Chi Ming Alex Hui (Class of 2005)
Hoi Leung Hui (Class of 2008)
Hoi Leung Hui (Class of 2009)
Cheung Fat Hung (Class of 2004)
Mei Ling Kan (Class of 2005)
Chiu Ping Anna Kong (Class of 2005)
Chui Wan Kong (Class of 2013)
Siu Ling Ku (Class of 2010)
Wing Yue Kwan (Class of 2011)
Man Kit Marcus Kwan (Class of 2010)
Fung Yi Ginnie Kwan (Class of 2005)
Ching Man Corey Kwan (Class of 2007)
Shuk Yee Esther Kwok (Class of 2004)
Tsz Man Daphne Kwok (Class of 2006)
Sau Ha Lisa Kwok (Class of 2004)
Moon Kwok (Class of 2008)
Yuk Ching Kwok (Class of 2005)
Chi Ho Joe Lai (Class of 2009)
Hang Fong Bonnie Lam (Class of 2006)
Pui Wah Lam (Class of 2007)
Yee Tung Amy Lam (Class of 2009)
Yat Mui Lam (Class of 2006)
Yee Fun Candy Lam (Class of 2006)
Suet Lai Shirley Lam (Class of 2011)
Ngo Ki Lam (Class of 2013)
Suk Ling Lam (Class of 2006)
Mei Yan Jessica Lam (Class of 1992)
Shui Kuen Joe Lam (Class of 2005)
Yuet Man Lam (Class of 2005)
Chui Lan Lam (Class of 2005)
Yu Ki Lau (Class of 2005)
Chi Man Peace Lau (Class of 2011)
Wan Shun Dickson Lau (Class of 1986)
Chet Ying Renee Lau (Class of 2007)
Mei Fung Ivy Law (Class of 2007)
Wing Yee Winnie Law (Class of 2009)
Siu Mei Karen Law (Class of 2005)
Mei Mai Lee (Class of 2007)
Pik Man Tina Lee (Class of 2006)
Ching Yan Marine Lee (Class of 2007)
Yee Fong Lee (Class of 2004)
Kit Mei Estella Lee (Class of 2005)
Mui Lee Lee (Class of 2005)
Ka Man Lee (Class of 2008)
Ngai Shing Aaron Leung (Class of 2004)
Sau Wah Maggie Leung (Class of 2005)
Siu Ha Diana Leung (Class of 2004)
Yim Ting Leung (Class of 2006)
Hoi Yan Ida Leung (Class of 2005)
Po Sai Carol Leung (Class of 2006)
Ni Cherry Li (Class of 2010)
Wai Sun Li (Class of 2005)
Ching Han Melody Li (Class of 2005)
Wing Sum Winsome Li (Class of 2009)
Chung Wah Paul Li (Class of 2011)
King Ying Li (Class of 2011)
Siu Lan Li (Class of 2004)
Pui Si Money Lim (Class of 2004)
Wai Yan Vivian Liu (Class of 2004)
Chor Tung Michele Liu (Class of 2005)
Angel Liu (Class of 20123)
Sze Ya Venus Lo (Class of 2009)
Yuen Sha Rosa Lo (Class of 2005)
Iok Ha Wendy Loi (Class of 2004)
Zhi Qing Bowie Luan (Class of 2012)
Ching Shan Sharon Lui (Class of 2010)
Chung Yin Gloria Lui (Class of 2004)
Ling Ling Rose Lui (Class of 2009)
Agnes Lui (Class of 2012)
Ka Yan Karen Ma (Class of 2011)
Cheuk Man Vincent Ma (Class of 2013)
Chi Yuen Mak (Class of 2005)
Siu Chi Mini Man (Class of 2007)
Hiu Ting Tiffany Man (Class of 2008)
Shuk Yee Sharon Man (Class of 2013)
Kit Ping Man (Class of 2010)
Hiro Mizue (Class of 2007)
Fung Ping Ng (Class of 2008)
Ling Kuen Heidi Ng (Class of 2005)
Raymond Ng (Class of 2009)
Wai Shan Cora Ng (Class of 2005)
Prairie Ng (Class of 2009)
Peggy Ng (Class of 2007)
San Nog Ng (Class of 2005)
Min Jung Park (Class of 2009)
Chi Wai Tasha Po (Class of 2011)
Leong Yu Christopher Poon (Class of 2004)
Cho Ying JoJo Poon (Class of 2013)
Sanny San (Class of 2010)
Cheuk Yee Sheh (Class of 2006)
Ching Fen Shiao (Class of 2006)
Ka Yee Cathy Sin (Class of 2004)
Suk Han Dobe Sin (Class of 2004)
Wai Sum Janet Siu (Class of 2012)
Wing Yan Canny So (Class of 2005)
Yee Wah Fion So (Class of 2007)
Zoe So (Class of 2013)
Angel So (Class of 2009)
Wing Cheung Soo (Class of 2005)
Miu Fong Ann Suen (Class of 2005)
Nila Sweeney (Class of 2004)
Wendy Tam (Class of 2010)
Kin Ming Simon Tam (Class of 2005)
Mei Har Iris Tam (Class of 2011)
Veng-Yen Tan (Class of 2011)
Suk Ying Tang (Class of 2009)
Yuet Han Candy Tang (Class of 2006)
Boa Tin (Class of 2009)
Shu Kie Thomas Ting (Class of 2012)
Sum Sum Tong (Class of 2012)
Yiu Yiu Tong (Class of 2012)
Ka Wang Tong (Class of 2007)
Chiu Lai Lilian Tsang (Class of 2009)
Yuk Fung Phoebe Tsang (Class of 2005)
Chun Yin Leona Tsang (Class of 2004)
Chun Tsang (Class of 2005)
Chui Ling Sandy Tsang (Class of 2004)
Mei Yee Maggie Tsang (Class of 2006)
Ka Man Carmen Tse (Class of 2013)
Ka Wan Angel Tse (Class of 2005)
Sien Yee Tse (Class of 2006)
Pui Lai Tse (Class of 2004)
Yee Fai Edith Tso (Class of 2008)
Feng Yun Wan (Class of 2006)
Yuen Han Maya Wan (Class of 2009)
Siu Tan Wang (Class of 2013)
Xue Jing Wang (Class of 2011)
Yuan Kinky Wang (Class of 2010)
Michelle Wei (Class of 2009)
Hiu Chun Wong (Class of 2010)
Kit Yi Anita Wong (Class of 2011)
Fei Chui Coco Wong (Class of 2005)
Mei Chi Mandy Wong (Class of 2005)
Suet Yee Connie Wong (Class of 2005)
Wai Na Wong (Class of 2009)
Ka Po Wong (Class of 2011)
Yim Hung Zoe Wong (Class of 2009)
Ting Ting Tinky Wong (Class of 2011)
Siu Pik Wong (Class of 2007)
Yuk Han Edna Wong (Class of 2010)
Chin To Louis Wong (Class of 2005)
Lok Lam Piano Wong (Class of 2005)
Yim Ming Lisa Wong (Class of 2004)
Wun Cheung Terry Wong (Class of 2006)
Kai Yip Jimmy Wong (Class of 2010)
Hoi Wa Nicole Wong (Class of 2011)
Yiu Yue Sharon Wong (Class of 2010)
Suk Man Mandy Wong (Class of 2007)
Mei Wa Zoe Woo (Class of 2005)
Man Chi Woo (Class of 2010)
Lok Man Marla Woo (Class of 2013)
Yee Wa Eva Woo (Class of 2005)
Ka Yin Micko Wu (Class of 2004)
Siu Hing Shirley Wu (Class of 2009)
Hing Yan Ruby Wu (Class of 2013)
Yuan Xu (Class of 2011)
Chun Hei Yan (Class of 2006)
Yi Annie Yang (Class of 2009)
Yi Annie Yang (Class of 2007)
Tjien Ing Yap (Class of 2005)
Vivian Yau (Class of 2012)
Yuk Yan Amy Yau (Class of 2011)
Tsz Kin Ken Yeung (Class of 2007)
Wai Shan Eve Yeung (Class of 2007)
Vanessa Yeung (Class of 2008)
Yuk Mui Strawberry Yeung (Class of 2011)
Yan Ki Anna Yeung (Class of 2010)
Queenie Yeung (Class of 2010)
Sheung Hung Amy Yim (Class of 2010)
Ming Kwan Jessica Yip (Class of 2007)
Chui Ming Almaz Yip (Class of 2004)
Wai Yan Rachel Yiu (Class of 2004)
Ying Siu Frank Yu (Class of 2006)
Ellen Yu (Class of 2012)
Kam Chi Florence Yu (Class of 2007)
Lei Yue (Class of 2006)
Yee Shing Thomas Yuen (Class of 2005)
Yuk Kam Connie Yuen (Class of 2006)
May Wah Margaret Yuen (Class of 2005)
Kai Qin Jessica Zeng (Class of 2010)