Moving Within

Violet Pasztor Wilson
Violet Pasztor Wilson/Founder & President of CYA

I Am Neither Here nor There. The sun warms my face touches my soul and gives glory to life renewed. My gratitude abounds beyond space and time. Neither here nor there, omnipresent and content as I move my attention In. OM.

Interesting how the mind works as the attention shifts from here to there. I contemplate how much time really passes as I write this text? We all do it…how many times a day do you stop and check your device for ‘information’? When I close the application and resume attention in the outer world (nature), I realized that I disappear from it! Gone! Yikes! My head spins. Now, I really contemplate; considering the WORTH of my/your Inner Pursuits.

Have YOU ever considered what lies beyond or comes from within; past the fluff and stuff of man’s world? Beyond the programming, beyond the books you have read, beyond the passages you have memorized, beyond the memories of experience and emotion? Are we able to think or create with true unbiased clarity - beyond the influences of what we think defines us? This idea of Intelligence beyond may be hard to grasp for the average layperson. Most get caught up in the life we were taught to live. Get up, have coffee (or herbal tea), do our exercises (yoga), prepare some food, eat, then go to work, make dinner, perhaps exercise again or do yoga, meditate and go to bed. Doing it all over again the next day. Go figure! This is just an example of one daily routine, and I’m sure yours may be different, but there are similarities in all our lives. We all follow a program.

Imagine a new world whereas Humans created every moment Anew, in the Eternal Now, all past influences of memory realized in a second and released; no longer living in the loop of past experiences (good or bad). What if, we were able to draw from the pool of Everlasting Life we find Within ourselves, totally creating new realities, not from memories but extracting Intelligence from the vast Eternal Now moment by moment?….yes, perhaps we may continue to play with the routines, but what if through our creative selves and imagination, we started manifesting the world around us as our new home, as the true reflection of what is inherently With-IN all Humans?

As Yogis, our potential or potanjali, is just this. We ‘Move Within’ thus creating the world With Out, in Nature blending the sublime perfect Super Conscious manifesting Conscious Creation. Imagination is the key, Creation is the result. Maya has a part in it all, (LILA to the yogi…the perfect dance) and as Yogis we know this, however, Maya is only a play and we too have the power to play with Maya as it plays with us.

As we transmigrate from the past Aeon into the new Age, remember the Un-Manifest Beauty that always has been, always will be and is in us as is The Forever Now. Close your eyes, Move Within, allow the crystallization of CHANGE to permeate your life in All-Ways. We do have the Power to alter the programming and we can do this simply by Moving Within, shutting down the eyelids and peering into our own Souls.

Out of the Chrysalis we Become the New Beginning.

Inward Journey


David Donnelly
Oda Lindner is a Yoga Therapist and an E-RYT teacher who lives and works in Niagara-on-the- Lake. Please send comments to

In November and early December my students often mention that winter is a time of little light. The hours of sunlight are less, the nights are long and the days are often all too often grey. This is the time when I tell them about Yoga as a journey to the inner light. I tell them that this journey has two aspects, the journey of discovery inward and the carrying of that light back into the world.

Yoga is thus in many ways a twofold process. On the one hand, it is a journey of discovery that leads from the outer layers of our being into our Essence. Once that inner place has been found though, Yoga becomes a process of linking that Essence or light back to the world. The journey of discovery moves from the outside in, while the linking of the Essence to the world moves from the inside out. Both can be seen as two aspects of the same coin, for both are a “yoking” (Yoga=yuij- to yoke, bind) of the inner and outer, they simply move in two different directions.

Most of us begin the journey inward with a pretty superficial attitude towards the world. We deal with the obvious, which means that we deal with the things that are right in front of us. Few of us have any ideas about our inner dimensions which are often quite hidden from us. It is therefore not that easy to pull back from the world and reflect on these deeper issues. Some people are pushed to confront these deeper dimensions because they are faced with difficult events in their lives. Others have simply a deep curiosity that drives them on and makes them look for things that are less obvious. Today many people become familiar with Yoga by engaging in physical exercises, but here too the deeper journey often begins when they move inward and begin to face that which is less obvious. In all cases it is therefore a pulling back from the obvious that allows us to take the first steps on the inward journey of Yoga .

In the process of moving inside we generally move from visible, external behaviors to more thoughtful reflections on the body, to a realization that the subtle dimensions of the breath and the energies are important. This movement from the outer to the inner is assisted by the first four limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga. The Yamas and Niyamas address attitudes and behaviors and assist with behavioral guidelines that enhance clarity and awareness. On the physical level asanas strengthen our body and correct misalignments and postural problems. When we become aware of the subtle dimensions of the breath, pranayama shapes both our energies and the breath. The movement from behaviors and the physical body on the outside to more subtle energies and breath on the inside is beautifully assisted by the tools that are offered in the Yoga Sutras. It also maps closely the subtle anatomy of Yoga that postulates that the body (anna maya) is encapsulated by the sphere of the breath and energies (prana maya), which in turn is enveloped by the mind (mano maya). While Patanjali suggests ways to work with the anna and prana maya layers, he also offers tools for working with the more subtle layers of the senses and the mind.

Our senses are the link between ourselves and the world. We rarely think about it, but if we were to take our sense of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing away, we would be left with no world around us. As we study our senses, we see that we each have a particular way of putting our world together by using our senses in a highly idiosyncratic way, and we also see that our senses are strongly influenced by our likes and dislikes. A control of the senses (pratyahara) that removes the self-centeredness and purifies the senses from our likes and dislikes moves us therefore quite deeply into the inner layers of our being, because it brings us up against our unchecked sense of ego and our deeply engrained evaluations of the world.

Patanjali’s next Yoga limb, concentration (dharana), puts us squarely into the field of the exploration of the mind. Any kind of meditation shows quickly that there are a myriad of thoughts racing through our heads when we try to sit still and focus on one object only. The process of becoming familiar with our thoughts is again a process that takes us deeper inward. It happens on a level that not obvious from the outside at all. And it uses tools, such as awareness, focus and absorption, that are very subtle as well.

By the time we have become deeply involved with this kind of work, we have travelled a long distance from the external to the internal. In these inner realms factors like dedication and discipline are very important, yet there is also a new factor added to the equation. This is the factor of maturation. Much like a cherry that cannot be forced to turn red, a person who is immersed in the process of drawing inward cannot force his or her way to completion, to enlightenment. The quiet, continuous process of concentration matures into contemplation (dhyana) while loosening attachments to more superficial aspects of egotism, personal preferences, aversions and violent emotions. This maturation can develop because of previous and continuing exercise, purification and mental discipline, but it also takes on a momentum of its own. It draws us in like a magnet pulls in iron filings. In that process new layers of wisdom begin to open up. They bring in levels of clarity that previously were shut off by excessive centering on ego, fears and pride. That clarity grows and begins to take on the glow of an inner light. It guides us not only the inner realm but also begins to influence the outer areas of social understandings and social relationships. It results from a deep, selfless merging with that which is far beyond the senses and the mind (samadhi), and by becoming the bedrock of our trust and inspiration it becomes the guideline for our outer behaviors and relations.

The journey began with what seemed most obvious and immediate in our lives and ended with something few people even know about, a hidden treasure or light that links us to something infinitely larger than ourselves. This journey can be arduous – we find things we do not like and do not care about – but it has a deep sense of truth about it. And it is this sense of truth that sustains us and edges us on when things become difficult.

When we have found the link to our inner light we begin to realize that there is a deep stillness at its center. Staying within feels like being in the center of a wheel: the world moves, but we have become quiet and are not so readily pulled along. The feeling of centeredness allows us to be more intensely with what is going on right now because we are not pulled along by our immediate wants and needs. Our focus becomes clearer, our patience greater and our involvement more compassionate. We realize that being at the center of the wheel has nothing to do with withdrawing from the world. Instead, the quietness allows us to stay centered and see the world for what it is. Once we have found the inner light, Yoga allows us to link our truest Essence back to the world, to an ongoing life, to each individual situation. This requires a deep understanding and a sharp, continued awareness, for it is easy to be pulled out of the center again, but an unfailing commitment to what is highest in us will bring us back.

When the journey has been made it becomes clear that which in the beginning was hidden – the innermost layer of our being – has now become the most obvious part. It begins to inform our conducts and thoughts, from the way we talk with our neighbors to the way we act at work or ask the deepest questions about life. The inner light becomes the source of an unfailing trust. It guides behaviors – not as a dogma – but as a source of living inspiration which is appropriate to each situation. We become caring, warm and selfless because this selflessness comes from our deepest nature – from that which we truly are.



Helen Peacock
Helen Peacock, CYA-E-RYT500

As we approach the Winter Solstice, it is a reminder that with winter, the days are shorter and colder. We start to take inventory of our sweaters, canned or jarred goods and most importantly take time to self- reflect. Our home simply becomes more important. Or as Gaston Bachelard says, “a reminder of winter increases the house’s value as a place to live in.”

Our home becomes a place to take refuge from the cold. This winter make it a sacred refuge. The Gua in our home for this, would be located in the “Self Cultivation” area. This is a place where we turn in and find out how we feel about ourselves. Sometimes we find this through meditation or journaling or reading self- improvement books. A place to help us prepare for the new beginnings when the Spring Equinox returns. You will find this to the far left corner (south) of your home when entering the main front door.

Here are few suggestions to help with your Sacred Refuge:

1.Stack blankets for functional décor. Cozy up your living room or bedroom with some luxuriant blankets or towels.

2.Light candles or Fire Place. In Winter, it is essential to bring in the Fire Element into your home. It adds warmth, coziness and comfort.

3.Use your crock pot. Enjoy some slow cooking that will fill your home with delicious aroma.

4.Take Sea Salt baths. Allow your self to relax and release toxins with the help of a few drops of essential oils.

5.Make photo albums. Winter is a great time to reflect back on our life. See what has worked and what hasn’t worked in your life. Throw out what hasn’t worked. Enjoy what has.

6.Make tea. There are teas for breakfast, lunch, dinner or before bedtime. Practice mindfulness with each sip.

7.Play music. It can be soothing to the soul and will help raise the your vibration.

So take this time to rest and turn inwards into your world of peace and reflection . Enjoy your Sacred Refuge.

Have a Merry Christmas & A Wonderful New Year ! from The Canadian Schools of Feng Shui and Helen Peacock CYA-E-RYT500



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Padmasana is a term derived from sanskrit word padma: lotus, and sana: seat or throne.

Process: Sit erect, stretching the legs out fully. Bend the right leg. Place it high on the left thigh at the juncture of the thigh and hip, with the sole of the foot turned upward. In the same way, get hold of the left leg. Put it on the opposite thigh. The heels are opposite to each other. Both the thighs and knees are pressed against the floor. It may be possible the beginning that one of the thighs is slightly off the ground, but with practice it is easy to perform the asana in the correct way. Let the index finger touch the tip of the thumb. Place the hands on the knees. Keep the spine, neck and head erect. Fix eyesight on the nose. Breathe slowly, deeply and rhythmically.


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