Soul Vibration (CYA-RYS 200 Member)

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  • Phone: 2262680257
  • Address: 370 Springbank Ave, unit 3
  • Location: Woodstock, Ontario Canada
  • Website: N/A
  • Service Offered: Cross Disciplinary
  • Type of Certification Granted: Cross Disciplinary
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: August 18, 2017

School Info

Soul Vibration goal is to guide student towards their true Dharma.
Through a variety of meditation and movement techniques students will be given the tools to reconnect the body to the mind and hear your own soul vibrate. Our programs focus on the energetic body and how our tissues absorb emotions and traumas that continue to affect our daily lives, and how we can be a better support to one another. We will creating opportunity to connect with your community and with nature.

Course Outline

This is a cross disciplinary program focused on sensing and developing awareness of ones’ true self. How stored emotions and traumatic experiences affect our tissues and the connection to the energetic body. Learn about the fascia system and how yoga sequences can release and restore this system, how it connects deeply to our nerves and to our mind. Learn how to cue with sensitivity and how to sequence practices to support transformation in your students. Rich in asana practice, pranayama, meditation and the energetic body. Combining ancient philosophy’s and wisdom with modern knowledge and techniques. Soul Vibrations supports the “Benevolent Barn” in our giving back project, during this training Students will be provided an opportunity to volunteer with the Barn. This training will wrap up at a designation providing us the opportunity to connect with nature and your certifications will be provided.
Technique (100 hours)
• 6 breath patterns & assessing breath in each other
• 44 guided one-hour practice, focused chakras, meridians
meditation and mantra practices
• Roll playing as the lead
• Listening, empathizing, embodying and empowering
cueing and assisting with sensitivity.
• Proper and creative sequencing for healthy fascia
• Cross Disciplinary practice, how to infuse different styles to develop a transformative practice

Teaching Methodology (25 hours)
• Learning the language, Sanskrit, the postures purpose. how to cue for alignment and focus
• Trauma sensitive (speech and body)
• Instruction vs. Embodiment
• Setting intentions
• How to position yourself and set up the class
• Adapting, modifying, Yoga for Everybody – B.K.S. Iyengar theory
• The importance of cross disciplinary and continuing education
• Where will you take your yoga? What will be your path, your niche, your contributions
• Safe and effective sequencing.

Anatomy & Physiology (32.5 hours)
• In the beginning: the nervous system, circulatory system, the spinal cord and the brain
• Fascia “a constituent tissue system”
• All the Trains: front line, deep front line, back line, lateral line, spiral line, functional lines (arm lines) Location, function, muscles and tendons within, asana practices for each train.
• Tight vs. Taught, release vs. load – why healthy load is important.
• Atrophy, dystrophy, hypertonia, hypertonic
• Common injuries – modification & adaptations
• The 3 diaphragms and the anatomy of breath (we will learn 6 different breath patterns and discuss theory and proper execution of each)
• Emotions, trauma, samskaras: how the tissues respond and their roll
• Seed sounds, vibrations, chakras and emotions (chanting each sound)
• Dis-Ease- the emotional connection (how we can support this release)
• The sensory motor system, intro to somatic and sensory motor amnesia
• Meditation – Zen mediation, transcendent meditation, chakra meditation (we will explore practices and theory of all)
• The 3rd eye (hormones) Exploring the science and practicing crown meditation
• Meridians, marma (acupressure) & chakra, and 12 meridians will be discussed, intro to Thai massage

Philosophy, Lifestyle & ethics (27.5hours)
• Honouring the forefathers a look into Indian Philoshopy
• Ancient vs. Modern and what we are teaching here today
• Ayurveda, we will explore how colours of foods affect our moods, how to incorporate a healthy diet and lifestyle.
• Kosha- layers
• Study of Yamas and Niyamas
• Raising Your Vibration
• Aum or Om meaning
• Exploring the sutras with The Secret Power of Yoga)
• Breaking through the barriers, where can we bring yoga to next, how do we evolve to meet the needs of a changing society
• The 4 agreements
• Karma- creating healthy boundaries and making good choices
• Scope of practice
Karma Project.
Practicum, hoework assignments and volunteer work make up the last 15 hour to equal 200 hour.